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Mum reveals a secret - Volume 5

Brummi The Little Bear

Mum reveals a secret

Volume 5

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Brummi is now living in the country with the silly name, Deutschland. He is used to the life here and has learned the language very quickly. He goes to the kindergarten and likes it very much and has made new friends. One day his elder stepsisters and stepbrother visit him. His mother had not talked much about them. It's a little bit strange for him. “Do you think they will love me? Will they accept me?” They bring him a wonderful present. Brummi likes it very much and is so happy. But … just before his sixth birthday his mother tells him a secret. Brummi is very upset and does not want to accept it!

At home I rode on my tricycle and sped through all the rooms and the kitchen looking for Mum. But where was she? Oh she must be cleaning the stairs. I looked at the front door and saw that it was not completely closed. What a piece of good luck! Here was a chance to go outside with my tricycle and ride on the pavement, which I always enjoyed. I opened the flat door and sped with my vehicle in the direction of the stairs which led down to the front door of the block of flats. I came to a bend in the staircase and only just made it round. I felt the wind rushing past my ears. Oh! It was such fun. I started to go even faster and, suddenly, I missed the last part of the bend and tumbled down the stairs with my tricycle. I flew over the handlebars and bumped down the stairs one after the other.

Help, help, I'm falling! Ouch!

I landed at the bottom of the stairs before my tricycle, which tumbled down the last step and fell on top of me. I started groaning and crying because of the pain. At that moment, as I was crying, something else hit me and fell whirling to my side. It was one of the wheels and then the other wheel landed on my stomach with a big thump giving me a lot of pain. And then there was yet something else digging into my tummy. Gently I tried to raise my head to see what it was. One of the pedals was digging right into my stomach.

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