Montag, 20. Februar 2017

Hello again dear friends. I present all 6 books of "Brummi, the little bear"

Hello dear friends, 

I am happy, because just now my 6th book "Brummi in Berlin" has been published at Amazon. All books are also available as eBooks.
The many beautiful pictures are intended for coloring.
Here you can see all 6 books. I hope you like my adventures. About a review at Amazon I would be very happy.
For children from 4 to 8 years
Brummi, the little bear


The baby bear Brummi and his friends make a long journey in a box, leaving their home in China to find a new one. They travel by lorry, ship and train to their final destination, a big department store in Germany. Because of his curiosity, Brummi experiences many adventures along the way.


Day after day the teddy bears sit in the toy department, excitedly watching the stream of visitors and waiting for a child to choose them. Eagerly they smile at the children. One bear after another is chosen, moves from the sales counter into the arms of a child and leaves the department store. Eventually there is only Brummi and three other bears left. They smile in competition with each other but no one seems to want them. Brummi becomes sadder and sadder and almost gives up hope of ever finding a new home.


After waiting such a long time Brummi finally finds a mother and a wonderful new place where he immediately feels at home. But many things happen and he has to learn a lot. The German language causes him some concern and he really doesn’t like personal hygiene. Will he master everything in this new country with the funny name - Germany?


Brummi learns to swim in a public pool and complains about having to wear water wings - how embarrassing!. He is almost three now and his mother promises that he will soon be old enough to go to Kindergarten. He finds a good friend in Tutu at Kindergarten but she asks him why he does not have a daddy. Although troubled by this, Mum soon puts his mind at rest and assures him that a family without a father is not only half a home.


Brummi is now living in the country with the silly name, Deutschland. He is used to the life here and has learned the language very quickly. He goes to the kindergarten and likes it very much and has made new friends. One day his elder stepsisters and stepbrother visit him. His mother had not talked much about them. It's a little bit strange for him. “Do you think they will love me? Will they accept me?” They bring him a wonderful present. Brummi likes it very much and is so happy. But … just before his sixth birthday his mother tells him a secret. Brummi is very upset and does not want to accept it!


Brummi is not enthusiastic about the news his Mum gives him. She would like to move to Berlin and get married. In addition, he is to get a new step-sister, with the ugly name Brummeline, as well as a new father. He does not want to know anything about a patchwork family and tries to dissuade his mother from the idea. The book tells how he tries to make himself unpopular, and what he does, but all to no avail. With a heavy heart, he says goodbye to Lüneburg, his girlfriend Tutu, and the kindergarten, in which he had been so happy. Many new adventures and problems await him in Berlin, but he would not be Brummi if he did not learn how to cope with them.


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