Sonntag, 10. Mai 2015

Über diese Rezension freue ich mich sehr!

Über diese Rezension freue ich mich sehr. Thank you Rhona!

As I started to read this book I knew I would kind it interesting, due to being fortunate enough to know Dorothee and find her such an interesting lady with the ability of always being able to hold your interest and leave you with the wish of being in her company for longer. Her book did the same, as I turned the pages over, at times I had a tear in my eye,or a smile on my face, a, laugh but also a warmth in my heart.
The pages turned quicker, YES I enjoyed the book and ready to read another, also
to buy more 'I should have been a cat life is not enough' to give to my special friends, as women of a certain age, that will totally relate to the honesty and fully open biography of a person that has the courage to open a new doors and the ability to put pen to paper. ENJOY LIFE DOROTHEE.
Rhona Howard Gabbott

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