Freitag, 15. Januar 2016

Brummi, the little bear, Volume 1

 Brummi, the little bear on his big trip!

 Amazon worldwide by Dorothee Sargon

There is a country, far away where some small people are living.

They speak a strange language that sounds like: Tai chan chi cholu lulu.

This country is known as 'China' and its people are called Chinese. 

Many of the Chinese people are farmers and work in the paddy fields.

There are big paddy fields and some small ones. The big ones all have

watering systems but the smaller ones need to be watered by hand by 

water carriers, who look like this:


Many bears are born in China. Big ones, small ones, fat ones and thin, 

some with shaggy and some with smooth fur, which varies in colour

from light to dark brown - just like me.

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