Sonntag, 1. März 2015

Belinda, meine spanische Übersetzerin der Brummi-Serie schreibt

Just casually going to check my mail and I find this. Almost a year ago, I got the privilege of meeting Dorothee Sargon, this wonderful charming and incredibly talented woman and her bear Brummi, der kleine Bär, who turned my life completely around. 3 books later, here we are and I still can´t believe how lucky I am to be part of this. I makes me so so happy. I´ve never been happier before in my life. So much stuff happens but things like this make me believe in humanity, kindness and empathy. Thank you, Dorothee Sargon for giving me this opportunity and for being so amazing. And thank you, mum, for always telling me that I could do it, for showing me how to fly. And, thank you God, for putting these people in my life. Nothing is coincidence, but all is perfect. Thank you to everyone who reads this, but take one thing from my words, never ever let someone else determine your life. Take risks. Be bold. Be happy. I am happy when I read or translate and if you find something like that, go for it.

Herzlichen Dank, liebe Belinda!

Die Brummibücher "Brummi, der kleine Bär" 1 - 4 gibt es weltweit bei Amazon in Deutsch, Spanisch und Englisch.
Band 5 und 6 sind in Bearbeitung. 

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