Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

Brummi in Toyland Bedtime Story and Reading Book 2

Brummi in Toyland
Day after day the teddy bears are sitting in the toy department, watch excited the stream of visitors and wait to be taken by a child. Eagerly they smile to the children. A bear after another travels from the sales table into the arms of a child and leaves the department store. One day there was only Brummi and three other bears left. They smile in competition to each other but no one wanted them. More and more Brummi get sadder and has almost given up his hope for a new home. 

The next morning, a saleslady removed the wide tape and unfolded the carton.

She took one bear after another out of the box.

Some she put on the shelves, others on chairs that were everywhere in the huge room.

She put me with the big white bear and some smaller bears on a table.

Suddenly all the shop lights went on and the bears squinted in the bright lights.

Where are we?” asked the bear with the bow tie around his neck.

No idea”, I said. “But there seem to be a lot of toys. I can see more clearly now. I should like to play with them.”

This is so lonely and boring!

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