Donnerstag, 28. August 2014

Opinion of Belinda, the translator of Brummi 1 in Spanish

Ein herzliches Dankeschön an Belinda, die Übersetzerin von Brummi in Spanisch.
Opinion of Belinda, the translator of Brummi one in Spanish.

Happiness is given to you in small doses every day. But today, I am just so overwhelmed with it, I need to give a little bit of it to the world. Here I am, with my first ever official translation. Not just paper, not just notes. A PHYSICAL COPY. If you take the opportunities God gives you and trust the people HE throws your way ( I love Dorothee Sargon , 'cause she is the nicest lady in this world) and you work hard, your dreams will come true. Don´t expect it to happen all at once, just enjoy the road. This is the most wonderful gift anyone has ever made me : watching a big dream start off. Thank you, Brummi. We still have to work on your behaviour sometimes, but you changed me and my life. You cute little bear, you!
Belinda and I believe in our dreams! Now they are true. Soon comes Brummi 2 in Spanish.
I wish all the children of this world, that they will find a good friend in Brummi.
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